Purple Light Touch is a unique Non-Profit Massage Organization. The concept was created and organized by Founder, President and CEO, Valerie Kelso-Washington. Her vision was inspired while working as a Massage Therapists at JaVintee Massage, where she also serves as Vice-President and Manager. Her main reason for developing the idea was the direct result of dealing with a variety of clients from all walks of life, who expressed many times a need to vent and talk to her while lying on her table about very personal issues regarding their mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical well being. There were so many hurting women who had come in with burdens often times to heavy to carry on their own, that it was becoming apparent that something would have to be done.  

While receiving a massage, many women would open up their hearts to entrust Valerie and other therapists with sensitive issues surrounding their lives.  These therapeutic sessions would have limitations due to the proximity with adjacent rooms, and therefore create somewhat of an imposition in their venting moments. So, to give them a more therapeutic environment, where deep issues could be discussed, and the client could utilize the forum as a trusted confidential sounding board to cry, or feel a sense of freedom to express their hurt and grief,  the founder decided to open a facility where these women could have access to that venue of expression.  This was made possible by generous donations of individuals and groups who shared the vision of wanting these women to have that opportunity.  Additionally, these donations from individuals and groups allow the women the blessing of receiving a free massage while recovering from cancer, or recovering from an abusive situation.

Our goal at PLT is to help hurting women recover from their past hurt. If we can do this and just change a few lives by allowing the Lord to use us, we can achieve great things because the Lord did not give us a spirit of fear. Imagine giving a woman that freedom to be who she would like to be, and want to be, by bringing up her self-esteem. How much better would she be?  A happy wife or mother will bring forth a happy home.

If it means working for free sometimes, then God will give us the strength and finances we need to make a difference in these women's lives.

That hurting woman, one day could be your mother, sister, a family member, a co-worker or a friend.  Through your generous donation, and others like you, Purple Light Touch will be able to continue this journey of touching these women's lives.  Wouldn't you like to know that because of your generosity you have made a significant impact in the lives of these women who are going through a stormy time in their lives. You may make your donation or sponsorship at PLT here online by just simply clicking on the bottom of this page.

Remember abuse has no Color, Age, Gender, or Religion.






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