At the Purple Light Touch Organization we encourage our members to share their life experiences with us as confidential testimony. Our life journey is a spiritual experience as well as a human one. We believe sharing your story is also a powerful way of acknowledging that you are not alone but we are all together as a team in this quest called life.

We consider this sharing exercise to be a private experience and should remain confidential between the individual who has the courage to share her story and the dedicated professional representative from Purple Light Touch. If you are sharing your story because you need help then please be advised due to the potential sensitivity of the nature of such information and the safety of yourself and any other related person that may be affected by the information, we will not contact you using this form.  We will secure a safer and better way of communicating with you for further assistance. If the help you need is emergency by nature please call 911 or the support hot-lines that are available at our "Get Help?" section or "Contact us by phone" page.

There are individuals who are fortunate to have the courage not only to share their story, but are also willing to share it as a way to encourage those who perhaps may not be strong enough yet. Some women need encouragement, support and guidance from those who overcame the same or similar challenges in life. So if you are willing to use your story as an empowerment tool for our community, please indicate your intention here or to our staff. We will work with you on how to best share your story with our community.

We also welcome the story of those who are or were advocating and serving to stop violence against women in a professional capacity.

You are welcome to share your story unanimously and if you do so please remember that we can't respond to those stories.

Let us start the fulfilling experience of sharing your story.  Please click on the purple bar below to open up the form. Thank you for your willingness to share your life experiences with us.

Please click on the purple bar below to share your Story with us.

Please click here to open up the form and share your story privately and confidentially with us. You may wish to use you story to empower others by publishing it, if that's the case please indicated.

Please note all the information you will share within this form will be strictly private and confidential. you may also indicate what will be the most safe and secured way to contact you if you have other ways to communicate with you beside this private form, especially if you need assistance from us. Otherwise seek help as suggested above this form..

Purple Light Touch intents is to use this form only as a way of initiating communication with our potential members then progress from there depending on how both parties see fit.

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