Valerie Kelso-Washington is known as the woman with a heart as big as Texas.  From a young girl she knew she was born to make a difference.  Her mother and father taught her the art of selflessness and loving others unconditionally.  Her Parents are from the Island of Jamaica. Although Valerie and her 11 siblings were born in England.  Valerie doesn’t remember a time when she wasn’t an active member in (Wolverhampton Central SDA Church UK) so there’s no surprise that she went into ministry.  In 2011 she moved from England to Fort Worth, Texas and married her husband Jon Washington. Valerie who had severe lower back and shoulder pain, realized that if physical pain could be healed, then emotional pain through love and touch can also be healed.   Valerie’s passion stems from her own demons of domestic violence. Her goals is to reach out to hurting women and teen girls. Valerie realize that if you have had any trauma in your life and you do not get the healing the body requires it breaks down the immune system and cancer cells can be ignited; after losing three friends. Back in England Valerie lost a daughter due to being beaten non-stop causing her water to break at 71/2 months.  Due to domestic violence from the age of 16yrs old, has left her with knife wounds. Her child father was hiding under their daughter’s bed planning to kill her that night, however her father found him. Tired of being beaten, kicked, and etc. She attempted to take her own life. Asking God why? Why did she have to push out a still born baby? Why did he not love her enough to stop the pain and hurt she felt from the hands of her abusers? Despite all this she knew and felt God must be getting ready to use her in a big way.

  After going to massage school Valerie found another way to help people become a better version of themselves and realized through much love the body can repair itself. Her new found career was slowly turning into ministry.  Her clientele skyrocketed in no time and people in the community begin to spread the word about this woman with “healing hands”.  Valerie was happy with the business’ success, however while working at JaVintee she felt something was missing and lacking for her as massage therapist. Noticing her clients’ needs weren’t being completely filled as they begin to release toxins, emotions and old hurts while on the massage table. Her female client’s didn’t feel totally comfortable and free to cry or even yell because JaVintee Massage is a unisex establishment.

In September 2015, a still voice from within spoke to her heart to open a second massage center. She prayed and knew she needed to open a place for women and young girls only.  December 2015 the doors to Purple Light Touch, was opened.  Purple Light touch started with three rooms, a room of Hope for cancer sufferers, a Freedom room for women of domestic violence or abuse, and a prayer room. Valerie decided the young girls needed their own space and through much prayer she opened a Dream room for young girls, and a room called New Life. When she thought she had finished and achieved her goal she heard the voice to keep going. Now she has a 10 room facility, allowing us to hold a complete wellness workshop for women. Providing nutrition classes, yoga, prayer meeting, empowerment sessions and their like of. Valerie believes that no women or young girl should need to pay to get therapy, massages or healing these are not a luxury, but a necessity that allows women and young girls to realize that appropriate touch can help release pent up anger. It gives them the opportunity to release and let go. Valerie being a prayerful massage therapist has dedicated her hands to the Lord for service while using wisdom to handle bodies wrapped in pain.  She teaches licensed volunteers with hearts as big as hers her technique and they flood the community with this charitable practice.  If there are days Valerie and her team aren’t massaging at Purple Light Touch it’s because, they are partnering with other non-profits who assist women and teen girls recovering from domestic violence and, or cancer.  This new and separate ministry is all about teaching women that not every touch is harmful, and will be erasing pain filled scars in the muscles and nerve ending.

She along with many volunteers work closely with the Women’s Shelter’s, Churches, Counseling Centers, and other advocates for recovering women and teen girls. Showing women and teen girls there is touch that changes lives in a good and sometimes great way.

Once a month Valerie and the Purple Light Touch volunteer team will host motivational guest speakers, self-help and empowering classes, medical counseling, makeovers, and prayer sessions for their client’s in hopes that it will help spread the word to solidify the bond of sisterhood. We will mentor, teach, and share the power of healing and restoration. If you feel better, you do better that is the Purple Light Touch, and Valerie Kelso-Washington way.




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