Cancer and the effects it has on your body,

When setting up PLT, it was designed for women who have been abused, but Jesus had other plans. I was instructed to put in PLT a room for women recovering from Cancer, and then it began to make more sense to me. What I did not realize Domestic violence can lead into women getting Cancer even though they might think they have gotten over there abuser. The years of being abused can play a long-lasting effect upon your body, because your immune system has becomes compromised.

Looking back now it made sense to me back in England I personally knew two women who died of breast cancer. These women had gone through personal trauma in their marriage with their husband. My best friend was healthy chewed her food forty times walked everyday and lived and eat right. So why did she died? When her husband left her for her sister in-law there was a devastating blow to her body and her immune system was compromized and within three years she was dead, the same thing happened to another one of my friend same scenario. I have seen many women come through JaVintee massage that have needed my help in releasing scar tissues many women don’t know the importance of not having scar tissue building up in their bodies, or the importance of keeping their lymphatic system clear. Having blockage in any part of the body can become detrimental to the body.

However because of me working at JaVintee Massage, hearing and seeing what these cancer Survivors have gone through; I have a better understand why the Lord wanted me to add Cancer to the List

Lymphatic drainage is a very slow, light-touch, rhythmic massage that helps the body move lymph throughout the lymphatic vessels. It reduces edema and is described as removing toxins and boosting immunity.

Scar tissues and how Massage Therapy helps with pain, swelling, and healing time!

Scar Tissue is caused by fibrous connective tissue that has begun to heal from surgery, injury or disease. The scars are often raised and dense because of limited blood supply. Function and sensation may also be limited. Why it is good to get a massage and allow they lymphatic system to flow easily.

The Cancer Surviors room at Purple Light Touch




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