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Donation Overview;

Purple Light Touch (PLT) initiatives are primarily funded through donations and memberships fees from its stakeholders.  Constituted by its charter and founders as a charitable organization under the federal income tax law specifically, IRC Sec 501(c) (3). Therefore all contributions to the Purple Light Touch organization will be administered and managed accordingly to the rules and regulations established under the current provisions of the Internal Revenue Code (IRC) and all applicable laws and jurisdictional guidelines.


Undesignated gifts are those donation or gifts given to Purple Light Touch, without stipulation by the donor.  An undesignated gift allows you to help people that seek and need our help yet they are the most vulnerable due to lack of resources or know how to access assistance. Undesignated donations also offered P.L.T the ability to effectively targeted assistance quickly to these people and majority of the time these are the people that need help the most.

Please join us in helping those who need our support the most by pledging your undesignated gift today on the form below.


Purple Light Touch will accept designated gifts or donation for a specified need and/or purpose such as an individual or charity organization as follows;

Designated Donation/Gifts to Individual

Gifts designated to a specific individual do not qualify as charitable contributions under IRC regulations. All donations will be paid directly to the designated individual provided all applicable requirements are met.

Donors with designated gifts to individual have the options to direct their donations to an active campaign with predefined purpose to address a specific need by an individual who in need (gifts are only accepted as long the campaign is active) or opt to donate toward an individual’s need either on a one time basis or recurring basis for as long as the donor wishes and able to donate.

If you would like to donate toward helping individual in need by sponsoring or cosponsoring that individual’s active  campaigns please  click on the “sponsor” button below to take you to the campaigns page. On the other hand if you would like to donate to an individual in need on a one time or recurring basis please click on the “Donation” button bleow to take you to the donation page.

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Designated Donation/Gifts to a Charity Organization

At the Purple Light Touch designated gifts donated toward a charity organization are entitle for tax deduction, not individual donations under section 501 (c) (3) of the IRC
You may donate to the charity of your choice either through an existing campaign or you can create a new campaign for your preferred charity organization then donate to it and promote it in the same time. Please refer to the “Campaign Goals” page for more information about setting up a campaign for a charity organization.

You can also donate in support of the Purple light Touch organization either through its qualified initiatives e.g. scholarships for survivors, VAW Children Fund, etc or through the undesignated donation program.

Purple Light Touch reserves the right to refuse contributions that are not in alignment with the organization’s mission and core value plus donations that that are not in the best interest of PLT and its constituencies or donations that considered to be unethical and noncompliance with the IRC.

To contribute to your favored charity organization by by sponsoring a campaign for it please click the sponsor your charity button below. If you want to support Purple Light Touch organization and its mission please click support PLT button below. 

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