Can it really be that simple? Massage can eliminate foot pain? Yes!

If your feet hurt, you hurt all over, You blame bad posture, getting older, bad shoes…but the real culprit of foot pain is a muscle     imbalance. You want it to stop. Many of us think expensive shoes or orthotics are the only solution to foot pain. ·But if you want to stop a sagging stomach, do you wear a girdle or start doing those abdominal crunches?  If you are tired of flabby underarms or thighs, do you wear loose clothing, or do you hit the dumb bells and strengthen your triceps and quads?    Feet work by muscles too. If the muscles of the foot are healthy and fully developed, you will not have foot pain. Medical massage addresses the cause of the pain – the muscle imbalance - and it can help the pain to stop, or become much more manageable than before.

Feet are your bottom line - as you walk, or exercise, all your weight bears down on your feet. It's only when our feet start to hurt – toe pain, ankle pain, bone spurs, arch pain, plantar fasciitis - that we realize our feet need attention. Injuries, postural habits, and immobility from being constrained in shoes -- all these can lead eventually to foot pain. Medical Massage is an approach to massage based on the application of specific treatment protocols targeted to the specific problem(s) the patient presents, .

Massage has been found to be one of the best treatments for conditions specific to the musculoskeletal system. These include:  

1.Back Pain,

2.Neck Pain/Shoulder Pain


4.Carpal Tunnel and Repetitive Stress Injuries



Foot Pain

A medical massage session is unlike a relaxation massage in several ways:

o You, the client, stay alert and often help throughout the session.

o It is rare for the whole body to be addressed in one session- usually the specific problem area only will be worked on. An hour can be spent on the feet alone for foot pain, or the neck and shoulders for rotator cuff problems.

o An assessment or evaluation will generally take place at the beginning and end of the session.

o The whole session will not necessarily be hands-on massage, but may include exercises and stretching as well. Exercises are an essential part of the treatment between sessions.

o You usually wear workout clothing. Depending on the goal, you may sit up or recline on the table.  






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