Donation Campaigns

Please support PLT one in three women go through Abuse on a daily basis. Every nine-second a women or child is being abused, Killed.

I know I cannot physically stop the Abuse; however we can offer the ladies and young girls, Empowerment,  Prayer and a Massage. 

Your gift will allow us to keep PLT open, expand and help women or or a young girl on the road to recovery..

Your gift will be used to benefit those that are in need.

Why a Massage? If you do not get healing from your abusive pass it will break down the immune system and you then become acceptable to illness. A Touch Can Change Lives

imagklkesScholarship Fund was set up as a result of those who need our services but due to limited resources they weren't able to recieve their much needed treatments.

These scholarhips are geared toward those individuals with families that are critically and progressively affected both emotonally and financially due to their health but with our help those families will able to restore a sense of normalcy back to thier lives.

Some of these individuals are the sole bread winner for their respective household and as a result of their condition its not only affected their family economically but also emotionally, socially and Health. Some of these idividual have been financially exaspated by other health conditions as a result of being victimized by domestic violence.

We are hoping to offer 10 scholarships per month for the next 3 months.

With your help we can aliviate some of the pain from the lives of those who need our help.




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